Rules & Policies

Baptism of Campers

The Bible is God's inspired Word and it reveals what we must do to please God and to have a relationship with Him. In the New Testament, we find numerous examples of those who became His children. They all...

  • Believed that Jesus was the Son of God (Mark 16:16; Hebrews 11:6);
  • Repented of (turned from) their sins (Luke 13:3, 5; Acts 2:38; Acts 17:30);
  • Publicly confessed His name before men (Acts 8:37; Romans 10:10);
  • Were baptized (immersed in water) for the remission of their sins (Acts 2:38; Acts 22:16; Romans 6:4; 1 Peter 2:21).

This is what Central Florida Bible Camp believes and teaches that individuals must do in order to be reconciled to God and to become His children. For this we make no apology. We do recognize, however, that in a camp setting it is possible, especially for children, to make a decision based more upon the emotions of the moment rather than a deeply held commitment to Christ. We do everything possible to "down-play" the emotions of the situation and emphasize the seriousness of the decision and the importance of making a life-long commitment.

Therefore, we have established the following policy for all children who express a desire to be baptized into Christ...

If a child expresses a desire to be baptized ...

  • A senior member of the staff will counsel with that child to determine, as much as can be, whether his/her decision is based upon emotions or on a proper understanding of God's word.
  • If it is determined the child is seemingly not ready for baptism, they will be encouraged to continue study at home with their parents or someone at their home congregation. If their family does not attend church, a minister from a local church of Christ will be contacted for additional follow up.
  • If it is determined the child is a "proper candidate" for baptism, the parents SHALL BE called and consulted. (Yes, the application may have already been signed with "permission to baptize" indicated, but every effort MUST BE made to contact the parents BEFORE baptizing the child. Also, ample time will be given for parents to respond to messages left.)
  • If a parent or guardian cannot be reached and the application grants their permission to baptize ...
    • every attempt to contact the parents will be documented. At a minimum, for each call attempt the following information will be logged...
      • Who placed the call;
      • What time the call was made;
      • What number was called;
      • What message was left.
    • the child can then be baptized.
  • If the parent does not give their permission either verbally or on the application, The child WILL NOT be baptized.

These situations can be very difficult. On the one hand, everything possible must be done to assist campers in moving to a closer relationship with the Lord and in becoming His child. That is our mission. However, care must be exercised to fully respect and follow the wishes of the parents. Camp staff must keep this thought in mind... if this was your child, would you want to be excluded from the most important decision of your child's life? The answer is obvious... no, you would not. Therefore, do not take that opportunity and responsibility away from the parents of your campers.



The canteen will be open at various intervals throughout the day as decided by that week's Coordinator. The camp provides some free drinks and snacks for campers so that they can remain hydrated and refreshed. Additionally, other items, such as sodas, chips and candies, are available for a nominal charge.


Cars on Campus

After arriving at camp and unloading luggage at cabins, there should be no occasion for the use of a car.
  • Cars are to be parked in designated areas only.
  • Campers are not permitted to sit or ride in (or on) cars or trucks at any time.
  • Staff members who desire to leave the campus must first get permission from that week's coordinator.

Cell Phones & Web-Capable Devices

Campers are not permitted to use cell phones or web-capable devices or other electronic devices while at camp. Parents are encouraged to ensure that such devices remain at home. If brought to camp, these devices will be collected during check-in and stored in the camp office until the camper goes home.

Staff members are permitted to use their cell phones and web-capable devices, but are asked, where possible, to limit their use to their free time and away from campers.


Children of Summer Camp Volunteer Staff

The CFBC's Board policy on Pre-campers states that a "pre-camper" is defined as someone who... (1) is the child of a volunteer staff, (2) is outside the designated age for the session attended, (3) is not participating as a camper, and (4) does not have a staff position. It is the firm belief of the Board of Directors that the best session of Camp is staffed without any pre-campers. However, realizing there is sometimes a need for exceptions, the Board of Directors has allowed for such exceptions which must be cleared with the session Coordinator and noted on the Volunteer's Staff Application form. All pre-campers must be fully registered through the normal camper registration process and have a completed Application and Medical Form on file.

All Staff children will be charged the Registration Deposit ($30). Children attending as Campers will be charged the full Registration Fee, while Pre-campers will not be charged anything more than the Deposit.

Volunteers who can afford to pay for their campers in full are asked to do so to help keep this great work operating. Their generous service and stewardship is deeply appreciated. Those who need financial assistance, must indicate this on their child’s application so we will know how to process it. If not marked, it will be assumed the campers will be paid for in full.

If financial assistance is requested and approved by the Board, the remaining balance will be discounted as follows:

  • 1st camper 100% discount;
  • 2nd camper: 50% discount;
  • 3rd camper: no discount.

Dress Code

The following dress code applies to all CFBC sponsored events...

  1. Shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.
  2. Skirt and slit lengths must be close to the knee.
  3. No clothing with any type of slogan or ad that does not conform to a Christian standard, i.e., tobacco, alcohol, suggestive pictures, satanic groups.
  4. No open midriff , low-cut (no cleavage showing) or see through clothing.
  5. No sleeveless shirts.
  6. Swimming: cover-ups & shoes must be worn going to and from the pool.

Facilities for Campers with Disabilities

Central Florida Bible Camp is not designed or operated as a special needs camp. Facilities for campers with disabilities are available, however, all campers with disabilities MUST be accompanied by a full-time, trained helper or caregiver of the same gender.

Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles

Golf carts and utility vehicles are to be used only by individuals approved by the Camp Director. They are to be used for transportation purposes and NOT for recreation. Absolutely no camper riders are permitted. The speed limit is 10 MPH.

Hand-Clapping During Worship

"The Board of Directors of Central Florida Bible Camp does not encourage clapping during worship. We encourage song leaders not to clap. We want all campers and staff to be respectful and thoughtful of others' feelings on this matter.”  (Central Florida Bible Camp Board of Directors Meeting, November 2, 2002)

Head Lice

If a child is found to have lice or nits, parents will be notified immediately and are expected to take the child home for proper treatment of the condition. Contact the camp office for instructions on how to control an outbreak.


Campers and Staff should provide their own hospitalization and accident insurance. Anyone going to the doctor or hospital emergency room should give their personal insurance company's name and policy number.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Central Florida Bible Camp admits children of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities currently available to campers.


Paintball is a very popular and enjoyable sport, but it is one that has some inherent risks associated with it, especially when played in the woods as we do at CFBC. Therefore, safety is of utmost importance. All players must do the following before they will be allowed to participate in any Paintball activity:

  • If Paintball is offered at a camp event other than Summer Camp, an Activities Release of Liability form must be signed by the player, as well as a parent or guardian if that player is under the age of 18 years old. If Paintball will be played at a Summer Camp session, the Release is included as part of the Medical History and Release of Liability form, so this separate Release is not necessary.;
  • Read, understand and agree to follow all Paintball Safety Rules;
  • Read, understand and agree to follow the Paintball General Rules of Play;
  • Agree to follow all rules specific to whatever Paintball game or scenario is being played at the time;
  • Agree to follow immediately and without argument all instructions by Field Supervisors and/or Referees .

Each player during summer camp sessions must also pay an additional, nominal fee of $20 to help offset the cost of paintballs supplied by CFBC.

Finally, note that the Coordinators of the various Summer Camp sessions will use or not use Paintball as one of their activities solely at their own discretion. If they choose NOT to include Paintball in their session schedule, the field will be closed to all campers and volunteer staff during that session.


ALL STAFF AND CAMPERS shall abide by the following rules as the policy for conduct during the sessions of camp. (A good camper will not even realize we have such a set of rules to be followed.)

  1. All Campers and Staff shall be expected to follow the camp schedule at all times.
  2. No Camper will be exempt from classes, meals or other activities except in the case of illness and then only by the permission of the Nurse or Camp Coordinator.
  3. No Camper or Staff member will be permitted to leave the grounds without permission of the Camp Coordinator.
  4. Modest apparel (in compliance with the Dress Code of CFBC) shall be the order of the camp at all times.
  5. The use of tobacco (in any form), alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, or profane language; the possession of knives or any kind of firearm; and any other habit or condition deemed out of harmony with the ideals of Central Florida Bible Camp will not be tolerated.
  6. Males and females should stay away from the cabin area of the opposite sex, nor should they venture from the visible areas of the camp by themselves at any time. Petting, kissing, and sitting in parked cars or secluded places are absolutely forbidden.
  7. Campers must not be in their cabin without a Counselor. Cabins must be kept locked when a Counselors is not present.
  8. Any person persisting in disturbing others in the cabin by unnecessary noises or other means may be deprived of swimming or other privileges, as seen fit by the cabin counselor as a means of discipline.
  9. Horseplay in the cabins and raiding other cabins will not be permitted at any time.
  10. No camper shall change cabins without permission of their Counselor and the Camp Coordinator. This must be reported to the office.
  11. Bunks and other furniture shall not be moved from one cottage to another without specific permission from the Camp Director, Ron Brackett.
  12. Willful or careless damage or destruction of camp property will not be tolerated. Repairs or replacement must be made by the parties responsible.
  13. Willful or persistent disobedience on the part of any camper will be dealt with by the Counselors, Dean of Men/Women, or Camp Coordinator, depriving the camper of privileges, assigning chores during free time, or calling the parents to discuss further options. In the event the parents are required to take their child home early, no part of the camp fee will be refunded.
  14. The playground and all the recreational equipment will be under the oversight of the Activities Coordinator.
  15. Hiking will be permitted in groups with a responsible adult leader in charge. No hike will be arranged without the permission of the Activities Coordinator.
  16. No Camper shall enter the water to swim until lifeguards give the order to enter. Rules posted in the pool area must also be followed. At no time will boys and girls swim together.
  17. Campers may fish from the dock or shore only if a Counselor or other adult is present and only with approval of the Activities Coordinator.
  18. Cabins shall be inspected and graded daily.
  19. The following places are OFF LIMITS to campers unless authorized to enter or permitted by camp schedule: Office, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Canteen, Swimming Pool, Parked Cars, Craft Pavilion, Maintenance Barn, or other buildings or areas as designated by the Camp Coordinator or Camp Director.
  20. All accidents, injuries, or cases of illness must e reported to the Camp Nurse IMMEDIATELY for treatment and recordkeeping.
  21. All medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, must be given to and dispensed by the Camp Nurse.

Staff T-Shirts

In appreciation for your love and dedication to our youth, CFBC would like to provide you with a T-Shirt. Your help with the mission of CFBC is greatly appreciated.

Telephone Calls

The Camp maintains a telephone for use by campers and staff for camp-related calls only. The following guidelines must be followed.

  1. Any Camper wishing to use the phone MUST have permission from the Coordinator and MUST be accompanied by either the Coordinator or their Cabin Counselor when the call is made.
  2. Calls can be made from the Coordinator's Office located at the Northwest corner of the Staff Bunkhouse.
  3. The Counselor MUST STAY IN THE ROOM with the camper during the entire call.
  4. ALL CALLS MUST BE MADE COLLECT or by phone credit card, if not being made to a local or cell number.
  5. ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL LONG DISTANCE CALLS ARE TO BE CHARGED TO THE CAMP PHONE! This includes campers and volunteers. The only two exceptions to this would be if a camper is sick or has been hurt and the parents need to be notified, or if they are desiring to be baptized and need to talk with their parents.

Visitors Policy

For safety and insurance reasons, Central Florida Bible Camp maintains a "No Visitors" policy during all summer camp sessions. Neither Campers nor Staff should invite family or friends to come to camp to visit with them. Exceptions can be made, but only with prior permission from that week's Coordinator.

Parents or others wishing to confer with staff or campers should call for an appointment before leaving home. Visitors desiring to see any camper or member of the staff during Summer Camp must first secure permission from the week’s Coordinator. If permission is granted, they stop by the office and receive a visitor’s pass to be worn at all times.

All Visitors to our campus MUST stop at the Office for a Visitor's Pass which must be worn at all times. It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to inform the Office when permission to visit has been granted. Anyone not following these guidelines will be escorted off the campus immediately.