Deck Added to RockLodge Cabin

Several men from the Rockledge congregation came and RockLodge Deck
constructed a deck on the newly named "RockLodge" Cabin
on the boys' side of campus.  The crew consisted of Tim
Rowell, Drake Rowell, Barry Rucker Ken Pederson and John Russo.

The guys did a really good job and it will be a great addition
for devotionals and just hangin' out.  


New High Ropes Elements Built

Giant Swing
Two new additions have been built for our high ropes challenge course: a Giant Swing (right) and a Leap of Faith (below).  These elements will add serious challenges and thrills to those adventurous enough to take them on.  
The "jumpers" and their belay team will have to trust each other totally in order to complete the challenge succesfully.  We will set minimum ages for participation in each of these events.
There is a Facilitator training day scheduled for Saturday, May 30. 
Leap of Faith
 Utility poles being delivered.  The longest are 70' poles for the Giant Swing.
    High Ropes Poles Delivered

New Board Members Added

We are happy to announce the addition of two new additions to CFBC’s Board of Directors. Both of these women are talented servants who are passionate about the ministry of Central Florida Bible Camp.

Peggy Hall has been attending CFBC since she was 9 years old. She currently serves as a volunteer during three sessions each summer and also as the Coordinator for our Mother/Daughter Retreat. She worships with the Palm Beach Lakes Church of Christ in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with her husband, Rick, & youngest daughter, Haley. Her two older daughters are Kelly, who is a student at Harding University, and Stacy, who is married and lives in Dallas, TX.

Jana Rucker attends the Rockledge Church of Christ with her husband, Barry, who is the Coordinator of Rucker Week. In addition to volunteering during that session, she manages CFBC’s Facebook page. In her secular employment, Jana is responsible for brand management, public relations & media for Satcom Direct, a global provider of satellite communications. Jana & Barry have two grown sons: Jamie, who lives & works in Dallas, TX and John, who is a student at Harding University.



New Activities Planned for Summer Camp 2015


We have just completed a change to our 1,000’ zip line… we have made it taller by adding a new, higher take-off pole and platform, as well as, installing a braking system on the landing end. It should be even more awesome now!


Bow ArrowDid you like the movie “Hunger Games?” If so, you’re going to love a new activity we are planning: archery games. This will be a variety of games, some of which will involve shooting one another using bows and arrows. Ouch! Sound dangerous? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and should be loads of fun.



Giant swing

Plans are also in the works to add
two new high-ropes challenges:

Mega Swing (left)

& Leap of Faith (right).

These should be completed and ready before the
first summer camp session that begins on June 14.

 Leap of Faith





Sponsoring Churches Upgrade Cabins

We are really blessed to have all of our cabins sponsored by congregations from throughout the state. They have all been active recently in upgrading the quality of their cabins. Here are some highlights.

RockLodge sign


The Rockledge Church of Christ has just recently taken over the sponsorship of the boy’s cabins. Assuming sponsorship also means having naming rights, so the West Orange Corral will henceforth be called “RockLodge.” A really awesome sign has been placed on the street-side of the cabin, so be sure to look for it next time you are on campus. They are also planning on making some improvements on the cabin.


The Sanford Church of Christ has sponsored the Eagles’ Nest cabin for many years. In the past several months they have done some major renovations in this cabin. These include: adding a deck on the lakeside of the cabin, replacing the roof, adding top rails to all of the bunks, replacing the windows, replacing the tile flooring, and several minor repairs both inside and out. They have really done a good job and still plan to do more including purchasing new mattresses for all of the bunks.


The Eustis Manor cabin is sponsored by the Orange Avenue Church of Christ in Eustis. They have recently added a deck, purchased new mattresses for all of the bunks and added a much needed second entrance to the street-side of the cabin.


One of the oldest buildings on campus, the Staff Bunkhouse, has never had a Staff Bunkhousesponsor… until now. The Vero Beach Church of Christ has recently taken on this cabin, which houses three staff bedrooms and our Clinic. The Sojourners have also been busy with enhancements to this building, including adding a covered deck on the Dining Hall side and replacing a hedge with a planter. This will be a great spot for our kitchen staff to sit and relax after a long day feeding our campers. 


The Mount Dora Church of Christ sponsors Langford Cottage on the girls’ side of the campus. Within this past year they have replaced the roof with a metal roof and purchased new mattresses for all of the bunks.


The Bartow Cottage, also on the girls’ side, is sponsored by the North Jackson Avenue Church of Christ in Bartow. It now has all new mattresses due to the generosity of several of their members who donated the needed funds.


We cannot express our appreciation enough to these congregations and so many others who support the ministry here both with their dollars, time and talents.