New Activities Planned for Summer Camp 2015

Written by Ron Brackett on 20 February 2015.


We have just completed a change to our 1,000’ zip line… we have made it taller by adding a new, higher take-off pole and platform, as well as, installing a braking system on the landing end. It should be even more awesome now!


Bow ArrowDid you like the movie “Hunger Games?” If so, you’re going to love a new activity we are planning: archery games. This will be a variety of games, some of which will involve shooting one another using bows and arrows. Ouch! Sound dangerous? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and should be loads of fun.



Giant swing

Plans are also in the works to add
two new high-ropes challenges:

Mega Swing (left)

& Leap of Faith (right).

These should be completed and ready before the
first summer camp session that begins on June 14.

 Leap of Faith