Other News

Written by Ron Brackett on 21 November 2014.

Middle School Week has been moved to a new date to get away from the end of the school year.  The date in 2015 will be June 21-26.  Also, Randal Myers with be stepping aside as Coordinator and will be replaced by John Watson, the new Youth & Family Minister at Highlands Church of Christ.

Bay Area/South Florida Week has new Coordinators.  Chad Barron moved out of state & Joel Singleton has a new role at the NW St. Pete congregation that will keep him too busy to continue as Coordinator.  Taking their places are Charles Ramsey (Sunset Church of Christ) and Eddie Capiro (Griffin Road Church of Christ).  Both are long-time staff at this session and will do a great job.

Two of CFBC’s Board members resigned this month.  Bill Rider, who served since 1986, stepped down because his work schedule prevents him from serving as he would like.  Cletus Stutzman also resigned due to health issues.  Cletus was our longest serving Board member, having been appointed back in 1969.  The contribution of these men to CFBC is immeasurable.  They will be missed