Recharge (formerly Live Saved) Weekend

Date: Fri. 22 Sep, 2017 4:00 pm - 11:00 am
Duration: 1 Day 19 Hours

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Typical Schedule...

Friday, Sept. 22
  4:00-7:00pm   Check-In (all attendees must register)
  5:00-7:30pm   Come & Go Dinner
  8:00pm   Singing
  8:45pm   Keynote Speaker
  10:00pm   Canteen
  10:30pm   Devotion Options: Gazebo or Oasis
  12:00am   Curfew
Saturday, Sept. 23
  9:00-10:00am   Breakfast
  10:15-10-50am   Panel Discussions
  11:00-11:45am   Keynote Speaker
  12:30pm   Lunch
  1:30pm   Singing
  2:00pm   Devotion
  2:30pm   Breakout Sessions
  4:00-6:00pm   Free Time
  6:00pm   Dinner
  7:00pm   Singing
  7:30pm   Keynote Speaker
  8:30pm   Entertainment
  9:30pm   Canteen
  10:00pm   Devotion Options: Cross or Gazebo
  12:00am   Curfew
Sunday, Sept. 24
  9:00-10:00am   Breakfast
  10:30am   Worship
  11:30am   Clean Up & Pack Up


What to Bring

Bed Linens or Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Toiletries, Bible, Camp Clothes, Bug Spray & Flashlight (if desired).


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